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Poker rules

When a player prefaces, he has the right to stay in the game (not to fold), not to fold the bet, if no one has raised it before. However, this is only possible during a fall, turn or river. If the player controls, the other player behind him can do the same. Then others will either have to accept the bet or fold..

On the other hand, small and large blinds move clockwise to the next players. And the little blind becomes the merchant.

Cards playing poker Casino Poker Weco, Germany

Including those who initially checked. In Omaha, you get almost unlimited opportunities.

Omaha is a form of retention in which players make at least twice as many hole cards. This is one of the most dynamic and diverse types of poker.

Therefore, in this case, he himself forms how long he prepares for the game. Conventionally, the small blind when dealing with work is $ 1, the large blind is $ 2. Therefore, prospective players wishing to participate in the distribution must already place the minimum bet – the same $ 2. The small blind must equal previous bets (if not raised – add only $ 1).

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