about us

We help both the people and the planet!

For the people, simply earn and save “cash” from your “trash”. We are the new banking platform that enables you deposit “trash” and withdraw “cash”.

For the planet, we help to recover resources from the “trash” that could have otherwise caused great environmental nuisance in our local communities, from air, water & land pollution, wastes-related floods by blocking drainage systems and generation of greenhouse gases or climate change effects.

eTrash2Cash (eT2C Company Nigeria) is a social enterprise which uses innovation to address decades-old social and environmental issues in local northern Nigerian communities.

Our platform helps low income communities to earn and save direct cash incentives in exchange for their everyday trash. All collected trash is then sorted, reprocessed and/or recycled into reusable raw materials and end products for use by the same communities. For instance, raw material plastic pellets, baled PET/PWS for use by local plastic companies or trash collection bags made from 100% recycled plastics for use by cleaning companies and government agencies.  


Create zero-wastes societies that are healthy, educated, informed and sustainable for everyone, where all kinds of “trash” are seen as the true “resources” they are.

General picture
Awareness and education at the grassroots


Support the bulk of the population; low-income & vulnerable people earn additional income from their trash, which they can use to better their own lives.


We operate an end-end circular model.

Through our Trash Banks; local collection centres spread across local communities, we help the local communities to directly exchange all their trash for attractive cash incentives, which they can then use to better their lives. In-house, we directly reprocess all our trash into something reusable and sustainable, ensuring that the wastes do not longer harm the environment.