Young Boys – Manchester United: forecast and bet by Ilya Kazakov

We see how the Swiss club qualified to score points in the Champions League. This is a fairly holistic team. She looks organic at the start of the season. Everything is relatively good in Switzerland. Although there is a defeat to Sion, a minority draw against Basel. But this is a team that is approaching the start of the European Cup season at its own level.

United got Cristiano Ronaldo. This man is extremely ambitious. Thanks to this, he strengthens the capabilities of his teammates.

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I don’t think Manchester should be underestimated after this transfer. In this game, you have to bet on two outcomes. First, United will win. There is a small coefficient, but this is a great chance to earn. Secondly, the meeting will be riding. Because the Swiss championship is not a league where defense is played very reliably, and the match turns out to be uninspiring. Well, United are trying to please fans with goals this season.

Photo: Kacper Pempel Pool / Getty Images Sport

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